音で変化するLEDデザインマスク The Sound Reactive LED Mask

カナダのスタートアップ企業である「Outline Montreal」は、音に反応して光が変化するLEDマスク「The Sound Reactive LED Mask」をKickstarterにて発表しました(limit; 


2作目のこのマスクでは、アーティストであるPatrick SeymourBÜRO UFHOとともにデザインから製作しています。LEDマスクの種類はほとんどが動物ですが、一部、オバマ大統領らしきものも。

リワードありのミニマムプレッジが35CAドル(約3,200円)。日本への送料が8CAドルなので合計43CAドル(約3,900円)です。#passed funding goal!

These sound reactive LED masks are perfect for EDM shows and music festivals

A Canadian startup called Outline Montreal has created a sound reactive LED mask that is appropriately called The Sound Reactive LED Mask. If you’re an avid Kickstarter-watcher, you may recognize these light up masks. An older version of the project was successfully funded in 2015. For the new masks, Outline Montreal collaborated with artists Patrick Seymour and BÜRO UFHO on some truly startling designs. Most of them are animals, but you might recognize the face of a certain former president in there as well.