手刷りご当地マンホールTシャツ from Japan

日本のご当地マンホールをTシャツ化…し、渋いけどソークールな日本発のプロジェクトです(limit;2018年2月5日 12:00 月曜日 UTC +09:00)


Tシャツリワードありのミニマムプレッジ「1 T-Shirt & 1 Card」が3,600円(国内配送料込み)です。#I just backed it!

 All of the t-shirts will be hand printed by us in Tokyo, Japan. We have studied, experimented and researched many various methods of printing and we are very satisfied with the silk screen process. This process will give the t-shirt prints a long life span. We try our best to source all of our equipment and ink locally in Japan and give back to a country that was so generous to us over the years. By keeping our work in house and by printing ourselves, gives us much more control over the finer details, production costs, finished product and time scale.


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